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Children's Yoga Classes & Children's Yoga Teacher Training

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"We are committed to teaching children yoga, ages birth to 12. Our hopes for them are to feel better, understand themselves better, relate to others better , and to assist their parents in helping to teach their children life skills thru yoga, with the hope these skills will serve them thru life in an ever changing world."

Patrice Simon & Amy MacConnell

Company Overview

Smiling Monkey Yoga, Inc. is the creation of Patrice Simon & Amy MacConnell whose vision of bringing hatha yoga , a system of exercise and breathing techniques to children from birth to 12 yrs of age, with the intention of introducing the benefits of incorporating a physical yoga practice early on in life." Never too young to start".


Baby & Me-ages birth to 3...classes are a great way for a Parent/Guardian to bond with their child and to socialize with other adults.

Three to 6 yrs.-teaches children to use the breath to control their emotions, and postures to create well being. Themes used take children on a journey using the yoga posture to "get there" Music gives children a rhythmic flow and a chance to sing, have fun, and encourage laughter.

Six to 12-challenges students in a very positive and encouraging way into postures that create strength, discipline and confidence.

General Information

All teachers are trained, experienced, bonded and committed to your children having the utmost experience. They love children and take pride in their teaching.

Smiling Monkey Yoga