Jessi Moon


Jessi Moon is a Siddha yogi and teacher for The Self Awareness Institute, an organization dedicated to helping guide people into full Enlightenment. She is a mother and compassionate advocate to helping all children be raised through higher consciousness.

She does this through her children's, prenatal, and baby and me yoga classes and well as courses on conscious parenting and meditation. Jessi's talent is in awakening spiritual energy within the student, weather it be a child or adult and this she believes is what's needed in the world so we may all enjoy a life filled with prosperity love happiness and peace. It all begins with our spiritual awakening and connection with the divine source. Then our inner peace will transcend into the world and every heart will be filled with this divine love making total peace on Earth. But we need more awakened beings and this is how YOU can help.

And Jessi can show you the way.


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